PAGE 11 ILPA MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE CHAIR Maurice Gordon Managing Director, Head of Private Equity, Guardian Life Insurance Corporation of America The coming year will deliver new opportunities for limited partners to join ILPA and engage with us in important ways.We will be piloting programs to bring together sub-groups of our membership based on commonalities such as LP type and geographic location. We also will be exploring new technology to connect members directly for the sharing of information and best practices in a virtual setting. Membership remains ILPA’s most important asset. We look forward to serving and advocating for global limited partners across many more channels through many more initiatives in 2018. l Public Pension 29% l Family Office 15% l Endowment/Foundation 13% l Corporate Pension 13% l Insurance Company 10% l Investment Company 7% l Development 6% l Other 7% l United States 61% l Europe 18% l Canada 10% l Rest of World 11% 250 200 150 100 50 350 300 400 5% MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS 0 450 8% 15% 14% 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Strong Annual Membership Growth Diversity, Breadth and Depth MEMBERSHIP BY LP TYPE MEMBERSHIP BY GEOGRAPHY