2017 PAGE 12 13TH ANNUAL ILPA SUMMIT Each year,ILPA is reaching more members in more places with a robust events program that connects limited partners with one another and with important stakeholders in the broader private equity ecosystem. Last year was no exception, with ILPA hosting 45 events around the world, meeting members where they are and reaching nearly 4/5 of our membership in person. In 2017, we successfully moved from our long time venue at the Waldorf Astoria to the Sheraton NewYork, which, nostalgically, was the site of our very first Summit more than a dozen years ago. The transition was seamless, and once again the ILPA Summit set the bar for the most effective and meaningful gathering of its kind with record attendance – 80 general partners,more than 120 limited partners and 16 supporting partners gathering for two days of information sharing and relationship building. Using our proprietary matching system, ILPA scheduled more than 1400 meetings, with 100% of attendees rating the event as above average or excellent. The Summit was once again complemented by our second annual Emerging Managers’ Showcase which featured 12 up and coming general partners meeting with interested LPs in the afternoon before the Summit.These GPs spots were again oversubscribed for the second consecutive year, with attendees sharing highly positive feedback on the event.We also leveraged the thought leadership of our sponsors, producing a curated publication, Seven Habits of Highly Successful Managers, for our attendees. We are constantly seeking ways to keep pace with our dynamic asset class, and this year ILPA kicked off the Summit with an all LP-panel, discussing their continued quest for value and growth. Candid comments from the diverse panel were highly valued by participants.Later in the day,a record number of lunch attendees heard keynote Sir Salman Rushdie, celebrated author, speak about literature and politics in the modern world.Mr.Rushdie weaved many of the themes top of mind this year into his fascinating talk, and provided some welcome food-for-thought outside of the traditional investment focus during his time with us. The ILPA Summit and Emerging Managers Showcase will be back at the Sheraton NY in November 2018 – and plans are already underway for another outstanding event that brings LPs and GPs together in a meaningful way. 2017