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This class is designed for those who are new to the private equity industry, professionals who are currently onboarding into roles working with Private Equity teams, or those who would benefit from a refresher on how the fundamental constructs of the industry operate.

Key Learning Objectives

The Fundamentals of Private Equity Course

  • Identify and establish fluency with key private equity terms
  • Define the roles within limited and general partner organizations as they relate to the investment process
  • Understand how the limited and general partner relationship functions and potential impacts to the investment
  • Discuss the motivations, returns and the challenges inherent in the asset class
  • Use different private equity investment strategies and determine when they are appropriate
  • Explain the limited partnership agreement’s key terms
    Discuss the role of the industry’s regulator, the SEC

The Economics of Private Equity Course

  • Understand the lifecycle of private equity fund investments and the rationale for their economic structures
  • Decipher how profits are calculated and shared between general and limited partners and the history and motivations for doing so
  • Identify key sources of general partner revenue and where to locate them in legal documents
  • Connect key terminology in the limited/general partner relationship and their impact on fund performance
  • Utilize performance indicators and benchmarking in performance evaluation
  • Monitor general partner performance via the appropriate documents and processes

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