Investment Due Diligence for the Limited Partner

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The Investment Due Diligence for the Limited Partner course is designed for the limited partner looking for an in-depth understanding of how to diligence a private equity investment. Participants will engage with a custom case study to understand the importance of proper diligence techniques to optimize investment performance.

This live, faculty-led program combines lecture-based learning with interactive networking and group work elements, featuring custom case studies designed uniquely for LPs by LPs.

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This program is part of the ILPA Institute Intensive series of courses, which means this program is designed for the limited partner with more than three years of experience in private equity or has completed the comprehensive private equity training.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Develop a due diligence framework based on ratio analysis to expose trends and aid in the development of specific fact-based due diligence questions
  • Learn how to deconstruct a manger’s historic performance into components, including operating improvements (revenue and margin growth) and financial engineering (multiple expansion and leverage)
  • Apply different reference call strategies and discuss some practical tips and tricks though an interactive reference call exercise
  • Learn how to benchmark manager returns against industry standard benchmarks and discuss the limitations and trade-offs of different benchmarks
  • Develop a manager monitoring plan based on the key issues that arise in manager due diligence and review the tools of active portfolio management, including secondaries and co-investments

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