Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner

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The Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner course is designed for the limited partner looking to refine their communication skills. Participants will learn communication styles, listening techniques and strategies on how to effectively engage in essential conversations that can lead to success within their role.

This live, faculty-led program combines lecture-based learning with interactive networking and group work elements, featuring communication models designed uniquely for LPs by LPs to address industry-specific challenges such as:

“How do I decline a re-up while preserving the relationship for the next fund raise?”

“How do I prepare for LPA terms negotiations?”

“How can I convince my board of trustees that this investment is a profitable one?”

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This program is part of the ILPA Institute’s Applied Practice series of courses, which means this program is designed for every limited partner regardless of role and tenure.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Define and identify what a crucial conversation is for a limited partner and the importance of strengthening one’s skills to enhance influence within the role
  • Learn about personal communication style and using one’s strengths to navigate through crucial conversations
  • Understand how listening with intention leads to open and constructive dialogue and increased levels of trust, and practice specific listening strategies
  • Explore the definition of influence, and integrate mutual goal planning, communication styles and listening skills to improve essential conversation outcomes

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October 17, 2024
ILPA InstituteVirtual
ILPA Institute: Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner Virtual (October)

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