Operational Due Diligence for the Limited Partner

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The Operational Due Diligence for the Limited Partner course is designed for the limited partner looking for an in-depth understanding of how to diligence a private equity fund. Participants will learn process design and best practices integral to risk mitigation to ensure healthy partner relationships.

This live, faculty-led program combines lecture-based learning with interactive networking and group work elements, featuring case studies designed uniquely for LPs by LPs.


This program is part of the ILPA Institute Intensive series of courses, which means this program is designed for the limited partner with more than three years of experience in private equity and is suitable for organizations who both in-source and out-source their operational due diligence.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Understand what operational risk is, why operational due diligence matters, and how to scope and design your ODD process
  • Learn what documentation to request during your diligence process, which key risk areas to focus on and how to assess the information
  • Obtain best practices through the lens of human psychology for how to prepare for and conduct an onsite visit
  • Understand how to apply a framework to evaluate results and risk trade-offs of moving forward with a management company and investment
  • Learn to develop an ongoing monitoring process and how to identify and react to red flags

Upcoming Live Courses

October 29-30, 2024
ILPA InstituteNorth America, San Francisco
ILPA Institute: Operational Due Diligence for the Limited Partner San Francisco (October)

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