Real Assets for the Limited Partner

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The Real Assets for the Limited Partner course is designed for the limited partner looking for a critical overview real assets (excluding real estate) investing. Participants will learn about key concepts, principles and practices behind implementing a successful real assets portfolio.

This live, faculty-led program combines lecture-based learning with interactive networking and group work elements, featuring custom case studies designed uniquely for LPs by LPs.

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This program is part of the ILPA Institute’s Comprehensive series of courses, which means this program is designed for the limited partner with less than three years of experience in real asset roles or those looking at adding real assets to their portfolio and seeking a foundational understanding.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Define the real assets landscape with a focus on the risk profile, investing considerations and industry trends of the asset class
  • Learn how to identify real assets sourcing options and how to apply an evaluations framework and ESG considerations
  • Assess the important considerations for building a real asset portfolio and the resourcing required for implementation
  • Understand how to measure performance and the challenges with real assets benchmarking

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