20 Years of ILPA

Celebrating ILPA's 20th Anniversary

ILPA’s origins, as an informal networking club of LPs that first met in airport lounges and then in members’ conference rooms, belie its status today as the leading industry association for LPs. Even since its founding in 2002 with just 79 LP member organizations, largely based in North America, ILPA has grown to a truly global organization with nearly 600 members stretching across 53 countries.

This remarkable evolution is further underscored by the network of leading managers it calls upon today to contribute to joint industry efforts and standards and its place at the table with global policymakers as they make decisions that impact private markets. This transformational change is credit to the vision and dedication of an extraordinary community of practitioners and ILPA team members and the work that they have undertaken together over the last 20 years.

Learn more about ILPA's 20-year history and explore some of ILPA’s most notable achievements in the 2021 Annual Report.

Member Moments

As we commemorate 20 Years of ILPA, we want ILPA members to share in the milestone anniversary. Earlier this year, ILPA sat down with members to hear about their experience and share their "Member Moments", posted below.

How can ILPA members get involved in the anniversary celebration?

  • Watch short clips of ILPA members who share their experience with us
  • Join us at the ILPA Summit where we'll celebrate 20 years of ILPA over cocktails.
  • Tell us about a significant milestone that you have shared with ILPA by reaching out to our membership team at [email protected]


WATCH: Maurice Gordon, Senior Managing Director and Head of Private Equity for Guardian Life Insurance Company of North America explains how ILPA has grown its membership, expanding access to the full team at member organizations and focusing inclusivity for LPs of all types and from around the world.


WATCH Tanya Carmichael, former ILPA Board Chair, talks about how ILPA’s best practices came to life as ILPA worked to incorporate ESG into the ILPA DDQ in partnership with other industry stakeholders.


WATCH Steve Byrom, former Membership Committee member during his time at Future Fund, talks about the importance of ILPA in providing opportunities for LPs in the region to expand their global network.


WATCH Mike Mazzola, the ILPA Institute’s Lead Faculty and former ILPA Board Chair and Interim CEO talks about the significance of the ILPA Institute to LPs globally and the ‘a-ha’ moments LPs experience in the Institute classroom.


WATCH Joncarlo Mark, Founder of Upwelling Capital Group LLC discuss the origins of the ILPA Principles and their lasting impact on the industry.


WATCH Anders Stromblad, Head of External Management at AP2, shares how ILPA has expanded its membership and its presence in Europe since its founding in 2002 and what it has been like to contribute to ILPA’s advocacy agenda in Europe on AIFMD.


WATCH Claudia Baron, Partner of Fund Investments at PPM America Capital Partners, LLP talks about what makes the ILPA Summit different and the value it delivers to the full industry.


WATCH Rick Hayes, Managing Partner at Jasper Ridge Partners discusses ILPA’s evolution from years in the asset class before ILPA, to its incorporation in 2002 and its future role leading the industry.


WATCH Alison Nankivell, SVP, Fund Investments at BDC Capital and ILPA Board Chair discuss the importance of ESG to BDC Capital and to the wider industry.