20 Years of ILPA

Celebrating ILPA's 20th Anniversary

ILPA’s origins, as an informal networking club of LPs that first met in airport lounges and then in members’ conference rooms, belie its status today as the leading industry association for LPs. Even since its founding in 2002 with just 79 LP member organizations, largely based in North America, ILPA has grown to a truly global organization with 575 members stretching across 53 countries.

This remarkable evolution is further underscored by the network of leading managers it calls upon today to contribute to joint industry efforts and standards and its place at the table with global policymakers as they make decisions that impact private markets. This transformational change is credit to the vision and dedication of an extraordinary community of practitioners and ILPA team members and the work that they have undertaken together over the last 20 years.

Learn more about ILPA's 20-year history and explore some of ILPA’s most notable achievements in the 2021 Annual Report.

Member Moments

As we commemorate 20 Years of ILPA, we want ILPA members to share in the milestone anniversary. Throughout 2022 and culminating at our Members Conference (MCON) in June, ILPA will sit down with members to hear about their experience and share "Member Moments" here on this webpage.

How can ILPA members get involved in the anniversary celebration?

  • Check back here throughout the year to watch short clips of ILPA members who share their experience with us
  • Save the date for ILPA MCON June 7 - 9 where we'll celebrate the milestone with members
  • Tell us about a significant milestone that you have shared with ILPA by reaching out to our membership team at membership@ilpa.org



WATCH Alison Nankivell, SVP, Fund Investments at BDC Capital and ILPA Board Chair discuss the importance of ESG to BDC Capital and to the wider industry. Learn about ILPA's resources and tools intended to help LPs integrate ESG into their portfolio and about the critical role that ILPA can play to move the industry towards convergence on ESG-related standards.