Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Private markets stakeholders are increasingly prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion, both within their own organizations as well as within their portfolios. An ever-increasing number of organizations are taking on the challenge of changing the shape of the industry, in pursuit of real benefits in terms of culture change and improved investment outcomes.

ILPA believes that progress on DEI requires intention and action on both the part of LPs and GPs and has built our DEI work around this core tenet. ILPA works to advance DEI in private markets by:

  • Bringing together leaders on DEI to share best practices with one another and the broader industry
  • Providing research and resources to help industry stakeholders at every stage of their journey on DEI
  • Connecting LPs with talented, diverse managers
  • Providing input on policy developments across the globe

Review a summary document of ILPA's DEI work.

The ILPA Diversity in Action initiative brings together limited partners and general partners who share a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the private equity industry. The goal of the initiative is to motivate market participants to engage in the journey towards becoming more diverse and inclusive and to build momentum around the adoption of specific actions that advance DEI over time.


The DEI Roadmap is comprised of best practices that both general and limited partners can consider implementing to advance DEI efforts on behalf of their organizations and the private markets industry at large.


The ILPA Diversity Metrics Template, first released in 2018, can be used to capture diversity data within GP organizations as well as among Boards and senior leadership at portfolio companies. The Template was most recently revised in November 2021 after an extensive public consultation conducted in tandem with proposed revisions to the ILPA DDQ. Click here to download a copy of the 2021 version of the Diversity Metrics Template.


The DEI Supplement within the ILPA ESG Assessment Framework is a reference document for LPs looking to understand how a GP's level of sophistication on DEI compares to others in the industry and to track progress over time.


Many LPs are actively seeking opportunities to add talented diverse managers to their pipeline. To help members towards this goal, ILPA is partnering with the NAIC to host diverse manager roadshows.


ILPA creates and provides input on industry-led DEI standards and submits formal responses to official policy consultations as they arise.