Get Involved

There are numerous ways to become more involved in ILPA including working directly with staff on initiatives, serving on a Committee, suggesting ideas for events or research, volunteering as an ambassador to new members, or advocating for the PE industry.

Committee Membership

ILPA's activities are largely driven by the recommendations of the committees which set organizational goals and support the Association's initiatives. Committee members participate in monthly teleconferences and periodic on-site meetings as well as volunteer for specific tasks such as speaking engagements, serving as subject matter experts, or promoting ILPA and its initiatives within their respective networks.  Members interested in Committee work should contact the chair of the Committee in which they are interested to understand available seats and needs.

Ambassador Program

The ILPA Ambassador Program pairs tenured ILPA members with new members to facilitate a seamless integration into the ILPA. This mentorship program is designed to welcome new members into the Association and ensure that they are introduced to the many ILPA programs, events, and other offerings including executive education, webcasts, professional development seminars, and access to industry information. Members interested in becoming ambassadors should contact Nicky Cavanagh at [email protected].

Refer a Member

As a member driven organization, ILPA rely’s on the interest and recommendations of its members for growth. If you are aware a limited partner organization that would benefit from inclusion in the ILPA network, please refer them to ILPA by filling out this form.

Submit a Speaker, Topic, Research Idea

ILPA is always seeking out new content as well as industry thought leaders to deliver such content to our members and private equity ecosystem at large.  We welcome all recommendations and encourage our members to submit their ideas here.

Advocate for Limited Partners

ILPA serves as the voice of Limited Partners in private equity in our interactions with policy makers, regulators, and legislators.  Our voice is stronger with member support. If you would like to be part of the ongoing effort to improve the governance of the private equity industry and increase awareness of LP issues, please contact Jennifer Choi at [email protected].