Who We Are

ILPA Overview

The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) engages, empowers and connects limited partners to maximize their performance on an individual, institutional and collective basis. LPs serve as trusted financial stewards who direct critical capital into private equity investments on behalf of their beneficiaries which include retirees, teachers, firefighters, police officers, universities, charities and insurance policyholders. With nearly 600 member institutions representing more than 2 trillion USD of private equity assets under management, ILPA is the only global organization dedicated exclusively to advancing the interests of LPs and their beneficiaries through best-in-class education, research, advocacy and events.

From its origins as an informal networking club comprising a few dozen LPs, ILPA has grown its membership to more than 7,000 professionals today across 50+ countries, managing 50% of the global institutional private equity AUM. Members represent all investor categories of small and large institutions including public pensions, corporate pensions, endowments, foundations, family offices, insurance, investment companies, development financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds.

ILPA Priorities

ILPA is a member-driven organization and has continued to enjoy global growth both in terms of number of members and diversity of membership. Today, approximately 60% of the membership is US-based; 40% of members reside in Europe, Canada and throughout the rest of the world. LP type is represented by public pension funds, endowments and foundations, private pension funds, family offices, insurance companies and other institutional investors. With a 97% retention rate, ILPA delivers value to its membership through four pillars of activity: events, industry affairs, education, and research and content.


With a distinctive, worldwide community of institutional investor members, ILPA provides a platform for the organization’s 5000 professionals to engage more deeply with their global peers. From annual flagship events including the ILPA Summit, ILPA Summit Europe. ILPA Private Equity Legal Conference and ILPA Members’ Conference to member-only roundtables held around the world, ILPA delivers compelling content on the most pressing matters of the day while helping members build their professional networks.


Helping members advance their educational and professional development has been central to the mission of ILPA since its founding. The cornerstone of the education platform is the ILPA Institute, a world-class program that has been educating and empowering LP professionals in outstanding fashion for nearly a decade. The comprehensive curriculum, designed by LPs for LPs, is led by seasoned academics, professionals and practitioners with deep subject matter expertise and a passion for private equity education.

ILPA also offers monthly webcasts, in-person workshops at all flagship events and professional development seminars, all which are archived for member use. These offerings are driven by members, who offer insight as to the most pressing topics, and often  lead these discussions in a town hall or panel format.

Industry Affairs and Standards

From roundtables with leading general partners to dialogue with decision-makers in national centers of governance, ILPA articulates and amplifies the voice of its members in global discussions on transparency, governance and alignment of interests between GPs and LPs. ILPA advocates for LPs, to ensure that their perspective and that of their beneficiaries are considered in policy making circles as well as in industry practices.

In addition to its advocacy work, ILPA is a well-respected source for best practices, tools and standards that benefit the entire private equity industry. ILPA guidance is produced in consultation with a wide range of industry stakeholders with the goal of ensuring an alignment of economic interests, fair and adequate governance and appropriate disclosures from GPs to LPs.

Research and Content

ILPA seeks to empower its membership through access to data, research and tools, often developed exclusively for the organization’s professionals. Through strong relationships with well-respected private equity industry players, ILPA delivers highly valued, private benchmarking data on industry performance as well as complimentary or discounted third party access to platforms that provide, for example, custom analytics or industry risk calculations.

ILPA sources its content across the industry. Both commissioned and ILPA authored research is typically made available exclusively to ILPA members while other pieces of research are curated from external sources and distributed to the membership on a complimentary basis.

Interested parties are invited to review  ILPA bylaws here.


ILPA Team Values

At ILPA, we empower our team to make a meaningful contribution to the advancement of our members and their institutions. We seek to foster an environment of ownership, team spirit, good communication and mutual respect. The ILPA team values represent our fundamental ideals and what we strive towards in our day-to-day engagement internally with one another and externally with the broader ecosystem.

We Pursue Change and Seek Continuous Improvement

  • We embrace positive change as a team and as industry stewards
  • We encourage all team members, regardless of their role, to strive to be changemakers within the organization, the industry and our communities
  • We seek to improve outcomes and get better every day with rigorous pursuit of innovation

We are Member-Focused

  • We have a positive impact on the private equity industry to advance our members’ interests
  • We aim to serve our members individually and their institutions proactively and at scale

We Take Ownership

  • We are accountable, and take ownership of our responsibilities and deliver on commitments
  • We participate in decision-making, engaging in constructive conflict in pursuit of the best outcomes

We Communicate Effectively

  • We are open and transparent in our work and welcome constructive collaboration
  • We communicate clearly with each other and encourage respectful and timely feedback

We Succeed as a Team

  • We assist, support and encourage one another across functions and teams
  • We provide opportunities for all team members to learn about and engage with our industry, supporting personal and professional growth
  • We celebrate our accomplishments; when one person succeeds, the team succeeds

We Treat Every Person with Respect

  • We are committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable and fun workplace that is accessible to all people
  • We strive to have every team member feel valued, respected and treated fairly
  • We provide an experience in the office and beyond that appeals to a wide range of individuals and preferences