LP Technology

LP Technology

Acquiring technology and appropriately resourcing the tools needed to operate a modern limited partner organization is a significant challenge in today’s increasingly virtual and data-dependent world. In order to maintain complex investment portfolios and effectively manage relationships with general partners around the globe, LPs need to have confidence in their technology solutions.

ILPA is developing resources LPs can rely upon to better understand the technology options available to them and is convening industry stakeholders to share best practices. As part of the LP Technology Program, ILPA will also release a suite of practical tools that will help LPs more confidently define and act on their technology needs.


Visit ILPA Connect to discuss LP Tech in a member-only forum.

NEW ILPA RESOURCE: The technology vendor universe is constantly evolving and maturing; to help LPs establish familiarity with market segments and vendor functionalities, ILPA has created several resources. By clicking the button 'Technology Vendor Resource Center' members can gain access to ILPA’s interactive vendor database to take a deep-dive on vendors of interest and take away PDF vendor factsheets to share with their team. Need help utilizing the resource? Watch the quick video tutorial.


NEW ILPA RESOURCE: ILPA's technology vendor map provides an overview of the market segments and functionalities among the featured technology vendors. It is a great place to start to gain an understanding of the technology vendor universe before diving into the Technology Vendor Resource Center.


ILPA's Private Markets Edge Q2 2021 lead topic is LP Technology. This issue defines the technology challenge, contextualizes the NEW Technology Vendor Resource Center and Vendor Map, and includes and video and podcast interview with a tech expert and two ILPA members who have recently undergone technology modernization.  Read pages 6 - 9 for more info!



As part of ILPA’s Industry Intelligence Series, ILPA conducted a survey of over 340 members to capture the state of technology usage and areas of common challenge or opportunity. The goal of the survey is to help ILPA members derive greater benefit from their existing resources and to help as they identify future requirements.



Some key highlights from the LP Technology survey have been made publicly available. These key findings reveal that LPs have had varying levels of success finding the right solutions to meet their complex technological needs. The insights gleaned from this survey should be of interest to anyone involved in the design and implementation of technology serving the private markets industry.