ESG Roadmap and Resources

ILPA is pleased to provide this ESG Roadmap and Resources to the industry. Comprised of best practices that private markets investors can consider implementing to advance ESG efforts at their organizations, the Roadmap promotes the sharing of initiatives and resources on a global basis. The intent of the Roadmap is to provide a directory of helpful ESG-related resources, tagged to specific actions that may be taken to integrate ESG considerations into one's investment program. It was crafted with input from ILPA members and industry third parties. This initiative is intended to be an ongoing one, and we encourage you to submit your own best practices and recommended resources for inclusion by completing the form below.

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Submission Guidelines

ILPA's ESG Roadmap is intended to be a clearing house of best practices and resources that reflects the ongoing development and evolution of successful ESG integration.  Therefore, we rely on ILPA members to submit new initiatives and additional resources that could prove helpful to others.  ILPA encourages submissions and will review them in a timely manner.  Guidelines for submitting are as follows:

  • All submissions must be accompanied by complete contact information so that ILPA can follow up and collect any additional information required.
  • The ESG Roadmap is first and foremost focused on efforts within the private equity industry, but accepts best practices and resources that have been successfully adopted in adjacent private markets.  Submissions that recommend best practices or resources that fall outside private markets will be considered for publication on a case by case basis. Applicability to private markets will be paramount to acceptance.
  • When submitting a new Best Practice for consideration, please include at least one resource which helps to define or implement the practice.
  • When submitting a Resource, please include the necessary links to the resource in question.  All links must be available publicly; ILPA will not link to resources behind paywalls or firewalls.  Resource submissions without links cannot be published.
  • ILPA staff will respond to all submissions within 10 business days.

For questions or additional information, please email [email protected].

ESG Roadmap

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ESG Best Practice Submission Form

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