ILPA Membership Structure

Structure for ILPA Membership

The structure of ILPA membership contributions and benefits allows member organizations to access the full breadth of ILPA’s services. ILPA membership is effective annually for a 12-month term. Each organization’s membership is valid for its internal professional staff dedicated to investment-related activities; more detail is available in the ILPA Membership Guidelines.

Member contributions are based on the organization's private equity assets under management (AUM), which is defined as NAV plus unfunded liabilities across Buyout, Venture, Growth, Mezzanine, Distressed, Natural Resources, Fund of Funds, Secondary Funds and Direct Private Deals. The membership contribution is determined as of the date of each member’s most recent consolidated financial statement, using the following scale:

Private Equity AUM

Less than $100m
$100m - $5Bn
Greater than $5Bn

Annual Membership Contribution