ILPA and Bain & Company ESG Report

ESG heats up in private equity, bringing new challenges and opportunities for investors

Once a check-the-box exercise, evaluating environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors is now a baseline for limited partners’ due diligence. But while ESG’s rise brings great opportunities, adoption has been challenging. In a joint survey with Bain & Company, we heard from more than 100 limited partner organizations about how they’re approaching ESG criteria. Learn more in our report of findings below, and please reach out if you’d like more information.

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Click here to view an infographic featuring the report's key takeaways including:

  • 70% of LPs say their organization’s investment policies include an ESG approach

  • 50% of LPs cite better investment performance as a key reason to incorporate ESG

  • Over the next 3 years, LPs will focus their ESG efforts on climate change, transparency, capacity building, and improving DEI