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ILPA Summit Europe Thrives in Fifth Year

DATE: 05/08/2024

ILPA welcomed members of our LP community and a curated group of GPs from around the world to our ILPA Summit Europe in London. The event continues to grow, as ILPA hosted our largest group of attendees since launching just five years ago.

According to attendees, the ‘concierge’ feel of the event, opportunities for engagement and content continue to set this experience apart.

Only a year ago, ILPA announced our intent to strengthen our presence in Europe by opening a London-based office. Since then, we’ve added EU-based staff, with plans to appoint a permanent Head of Europe later this year and focused on building and solidifying partnerships across the region.

Summit Europe, where high-quality, personalized LP-GP meetings are the standard, provides valuable opportunities for growing those relationships, too.

“It’s our hope that we’re paving the way for our partnership era, fostering stronger business relationships, and hopefully achieving greater understanding on areas of shared opportunity and concern,” said Jennifer Choi, ILPA CEO in her remarks at Summit, “For ILPA, regardless of where the pendulum is in any one year, the mission remains the same, to be a core support to you.”

The event also featured notable speakers addressing critical issues across the industry and opportunities to discuss how the industry can work together.

ILPA leaders from the region, including Board Chair Teia Merring and European Advisory Council Chair Joe Topley joined Interim Head of Europe Greg Durst for a conversation about the next chapter in Europe.

LP-only content sessions on NAV facilities, LPACs, distributions and fund terms, left attendees with insights, tools and connections for navigating the current macro environment.

Lord Dominic Johnson, the Minister for Investment and Regulatory Reform in the UK, shared insights into the current investment landscape in an engaging fireside chat with ILPA Member Jenny Newmarch of Aware Super, including engaging the audience to gauge their perspectives.

ILPA’s Diversity in Action initiative hosted its first-even in-person roundtable in London with Bain & Company, a conversation around “The Business of Belonging.”

Finally, many in the area for Summit were also able to enroll in the ILPA Institute’s Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner course, which teaches communication styles, listening techniques and strategies on how to effectively engage in essential conversations. The ILPA Institute will return to London later in the month with ESG for the Limited Partner.

Missed your chance to join us in London? Be among the first to register and secure your spot today for ILPA Summit New York and celebrate the Summit’s 20th anniversary.