Diversity in Action Initiative

The ILPA Diversity in Action (DIA) initiative brings together limited partners and general partners who share a commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the private equity industry. The goal of the initiative is to motivate market participants to engage in the journey towards becoming more diverse and inclusive and to build momentum around the adoption of specific actions that advance DEI over time.

GPs and LPs who join the DIA initiative commit to specific actions that advance diversity, equity and inclusion, both within their organization and the industry more broadly. Signatories currently undertake four essential DEI actions and at least two additional actions (from an optional set of nine) from the Diversity in Action Framework, which includes a broad range of possible actions that span talent management, investment management and industry engagement.

All of the actions prioritized within the Diversity in Action framework are drawn from ILPA’s D&I Roadmap, a clearinghouse of best practices and resources for GPs and LPs to consider at each stage of the development and implementation of their own DEI programs. LPs and GPs who have signed onto the Diversity in Action Initiative may also suggest specific practices and resources for inclusion in the roadmap.

Signatories in turn gain access to a community of practitioners dedicated to DEI, get connected with thought leaders in the space and are a part of high-quality forums for sharing resources and driving best practices, among several other initiative benefits.

To provide an update on the initiative and to share how signatories are integrating DEI into their investment activities and organizational practices, ILPA publishes a report series entitled, Diversity in Action - Sharing Our Progress.

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