ESG Programs & Professionals

ESG Plans & Professionals

ILPA has resources and training opportunities for those currently implementing ESG investing or looking to improve their portfolio and add ESG considerations into their investment decisions. The ILPA Institute programming combines faculty-led lectures with hands-on training and group work and the valuable opportunity to network with limited partners from across the ILPA membership. Details on your suggested journey are below:

The ILPA Institute Online series of - at your own pace - programming will be your first step in your training journey with ILPA. Sign up for the private equity suite of programming, ESG Fundamentals and Integrating ESG Best Practices to learn about:

  • Define and establish ESG processes
  • Understand how to develop ESG policy and measure manager integration
  • Integrate ESG into your investment process
  • Identify legal and regulatory considerations and benchmarking options

These programs provide an interactive, self-guided experience on private equity essential terms, strategies and challenges.

NEW! Whether you are new to a team/role that currently invests with ESG considerations or looking to integrate ESG into your portfolio, the ESG Investing for the Limited Partner program will help you understand the ESG investment process, high-priority topics within the lens, risk mitigation and GP relationships. This live program is offered virtually and in-person throughout the year. More details can be found here.



The ILPA Institute's Communicating with Influence for the Limited Partner program is designed for all LPs, regardless of your tenure. This interactive program is designed to deepen your communication skills with talent management, relationships with internal stakeholders, general partners, consultants and trustees. Every decision and strategy in private equity are made through having essential conversations and this course will provide you with the skills to effectively communicate and help you grow your influence in your role. This live program is offered virtually and in-person throughout the year. More details can be found here.

Register for the ILPA annual Members' Conference each spring - the largest LP-only gathering in the world that includes a selection of high-quality educational workshops and collaborative roundtable discussions and the opportunity to connect with and learn alongside other LPs. You can view the 2023 agenda here.

Keep your knowledge of the private markets current with ILPA’s regular webcasts. These monthly, one-hour webcasts provide you with training and updates on issues top-of-mind for LPs, from investing best practices, legal and regulatory updates and expert panels with top industry peers. These events are free for ILPA members and are a great opportunity to stay engaged and connected. You can view the current calendar of events here.

ILPA has an abundance of resources available on our website focused on ESG investing including our concise ESG roadmap and upcoming webcasts and roundtables. Plus, we serve as Secretariat to the industry-led ESG Data Convergence Project. All ESG-related current and archived events and resources can be found on our website here.