Diversity in Action – Sharing Our Progress

Diversity in Action - Sharing Our Progress is a report series that illustrates the evolution of the Diversity in Action Initiative and details how signatories are integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into their investment activities and organizational practices.

Each issue features a thematic analysis of challenges shared by signatory LPs and GPs highlighting patterns of practice, lessons learned and work still to be done. These reports will showcase actionable insights drawn from quarterly roundtables held among Diversity in Action signatories and specific commitments they have made to address shared challenges.


Feedback and questions on ILPA's Diversity in Action - Sharing Our Progress report series or associated Initiative should be directed to [email protected].

Report Focus: DEI Metrics and Data Capture

Defining critical metrics of diversity that demonstrate progress over time, as well as best practices in data collection and reporting

Report Focus: Integrating DEI Into Investment Strategies

Embedding DEI into investment selection, diligence, monitoring and engagement with a focus on value creation

Report Focus: Talent Pipeline and Inclusive Culture

Fostering inclusive cultures to attract and retain diverse talent and leveraging networks to expand the pipeline at all levels
(Please note, an earlier version of this report had a labeling error in the chart on page 6. The version here has been corrected accordingly.)