Establish harassment and discrimination policies

Initiative Description

Develop, implement and communicate a formal Code of Conduct that addresses harassment and discrimination, with reporting and investigative procedures that ensure respect for all.


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Resources for Consideration

  • BDC Code of Conduct
    • In the spirit of upholding the highest standards of ethics valued by the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC), the Code brings together information on compliance requirements and the principles of ethical conduct that underlay BDC’s business.
  • ILPA Guide to Code of Conduct
    • ILPA developed a publicly available guide to create a Code of Conduct that covers harassment, discrimination and workplace violence.
  • NVCA Sample Codes of Conduct
    • NVCA has compiled a number of resources for venture capital firms and startups to reference and adopt to address harassment and promote a more diverse and inclusive ecosystem.
  • United Nations Humans Rights Standards of Conduct for Business
    • The present Standards of Conduct build on both the UN Guiding Principles and on the UN Global Compact and offers guidance to companies on how to meet their responsibility to respect everyone’s rights – including, in this case, the rights of lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and intersex (LGBTI) people.